Efficiently communicate installed base leadership skills with extensible testing procedures. Enthusiastically evolve leading-edge scenarios.

    Our area of expertise to Install, Test & Commission the system:

  • Construction of Tanks Foundation and Dyke Wall for Fuel Farm.
  • Industrial Structure, Construction of Warehouse.
  • Residential unit/apartment.
  • Fuel Farm Facilities for Oil.
  • Construction of Filling Station with all infrastructure.
  • Construction of Skid & Rotary Equipment Foundation.
  • Water Reservoir & Overhead Tank.
  • Piling work.
  • Interior Designing & Furnishing.

Project Name: Civil Construction

Client: ThemeHippo

Short Info :

RE&CS, undertakes various types of construction jobs and execute them on EPC basis maintaining the quality of the task on fast track basis upto the entire satisfaction of Client.

Skills :
RE&CS is fully capable to manage the projects, on EPC basis. We have in-house associates with technically sound consultanting facilities related to Civil Design Work. We are equipped with all necessary Tools, Plants and a team of Professionals.

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